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Yes, it’s true, Swansea Council has today released the latest version of the City Centre Flythrough Animation that iCreate has been developing in partnership with them for some time.  This flythrough shows an updated visualisation of the new 3,500 capacity arena and coastal park on the south side of Oystermouth Road – representing Phase 1 of the Swansea Central development, for which the planning application has just been published.  A stunning, statement scheme for the city, this mixed leisure development is being driven forward by Swansea Council in partnership with Rivington Land, and major operators including Ambassador Theatre Group are already on board to run the venues. There is no shortage of ambition in Swansea, with Cllr Rob Stewart personally committed to his vision of a revitalised, green and digital city centre at the heart of a thriving South West Wales.

But this kind of transformation isn’t easy to achieve, and there are many who are frustrated at the rate of change.  “Not another glitzy flythrough!”, “We want diggers on the ground and cranes in the air!”. It’s a fair enough comment, borne out of impatience for change, but it’s a complaint which fails to recognise the cause and effect relationship that we know exists between publishing a compelling vision, and the collective ability of people to bring that vision to fruition. 

At iCreate we know that when you can share your vision for the future, in a way that lets others see what’s planned and get excited about it, you unleash the potential to make it a reality.  When we can hold in our minds a clear visualisation of our goals achieved, a clear image of what we’re working towards – and when we can share that vision with others and get them on board to help us deliver it – we make transformation possible.  We are motivated and inspired, we are more resilient to challenges, we are better able to overcome obstacles, and we are better able to engage others in the pursuit.

That’s the power of visualisation. Don’t underestimate it.

Over the past decade, Swansea Council has been engaged in an ongoing campaign to transform Swansea City Centre into the vibrant, distinctive and appealing place we all want it to be.  A series of flythroughs has been released over the years as plans have evolved and proposals have come forward.

And so much has already changed in the city in the time since we set up shop in SA1 Swansea Waterfront 15 years ago.  The new boulevard provides a greatly improved streetscape along one of the main arterial routes into the the centre, major developments along High Street, Alexandra Road, and in the marina have changed the skyscape.  And refurbishments along Wind Street, in Parc Tawe, Oxford Street and Princess Way have all contributed to ongoing regeneration of the city. But all these things started as an outline strategy, a draft masterplan, a set of line drawings.  Nothing amazing in life is ever achieved without it first being an aspiration, a vision.

We like to think that as passionate advocates for our city and dedicated professionals working to help make change happen, we have played some part in helping our communities visualise the future of Swansea, and in empowering our city leadership and its partners to deliver it, for the benefit of all of us.

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