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Residential Interior Flythroughs

16th October 2018

Waterstone Homes, has created Wales’ very own Sand Banks – a nod to the renowned millionaires’ playground in Dorset.  With prices ranging between £460k and £560k, prospective buyers will be able to snap up a luxury home for a tenth of the cost of an average property in Dorset’s Sandbanks.  And it’s in Wales, so what more could you ask for?

It takes attention to detail and a patient, experienced team to deliver interior 3D Flythroughs at this level.  Every fixture and fitting is as per the housebuilder’s specification, so that the finished animation really does reflect the finished build.

As well as the 3D flythrough animation, this virtual tour was also delivered as a Virtual Reality experience, and as an interactive application, giving prospective buyers the ability to explore the site for themselves.  This is what we call complete property marketing – leveraging the same content across a range of new technologies which appeal to different types of buyer.  You can try the interactive application for yourself by clicking here.

We’ve been working with Waterstone Homes for around 12 years now, and we manage not only their development marketing but also their company website and social media accounts.  It’s a full service that we are honoured to provide to this innovative and aspirational Welsh developer.  If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your growing business and help you sell more new homes off plan, please get in touch!

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